• y: 2015
  • c: Drumond Frutuoso

y [why?] was a collective exhibition which brought together Portuguese artists and designers of the last generation of the 20th century: the so called "Generation Y", also known as "Millennials", which includes individuals born between 1980 and 2000. All the participants were given carte blanche in order to develop a body of work that would somehow relate to their experience as part of the Generation Y and to dialogue with all the other works, thus creating a debate and reflection space.
The exhibition was curated by Drumond Frutuoso, and took place at the ground floor of the building "Paços do Concelho", in Porto.

  • 02

    On the imposing granite walls we posted three posters that seek to reflect about the Millennials' virtual space and to build a bridge between it, us, the exhibition space and the viewer. A triptych with multiple entries and exits that simultaneously attract and repel the Future.

  • 03
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Three-dimensional scenarios imagine and draw fictitious and ambiguous places: portals that can take you from one place to another, through an imaginary space that's in between something, as if in a limbo.
Undefined places, without concrete space or time, whose volume, perspective and light, dialogue with the architecture of the exhibition space, behaving either as an imagined extension of it, either as an escape.

The three posters were pasted directly on the granite walls with wheatpaste.

Format: 3 sheets, 175 x 120 cm Printing: inkjet print on paper Copies: 1

19.03—22.06.2015 / at Paços do Concelho, CMP
Photography: Catarina Oliveira and João Drumond