Scheiner and Sons


  • y: 2013
  • c: Self initiated

We and our friends wetheknot were invited to develop a project, that would somehow explore Exd’13 bienal theme No borders.

Scheiner and Sons is an installation that explores the possibilities that arise during the drawing process, when confronted with physical, visual and material constraints. The drawing process is here seen as an universal language and an ubiquitous tool whose understanding can go beyond borders, as it is a common discipline to several artistic, technical, symbolic or objective activities.

  • 02

    By using a drawing mechanism named Pantograph, a device invented by Christoph Scheiner in 1603 to proportionally and simultaneously transfer and resize a drawing, our intention was to search for graphic results using small matrices over preexistent graphic shapes.

    The result would be an image made of two layers. With the pantograph, the user would visually and conceptually create a dialogue between two opposite realities here represented graphically: physical structures that affect man’s actions and paths, either by being obstacles (A | B) (matrices) or connections (A → B) (screen prints).

  • 03
  • 04

    The obstacle drawings were laser cutted on 4,75x7cm Valcromat pieces 10mm thick. Each piece had 4 holes, that would allow it to be pinned on the table in order for the user to reproduce the drawing.

  • 05

    These shapes were screen-printed on a postcard 10x15cm format, using white ink over red paper.

  • 06

    For the installation we designed and built two wooden tables that would receive all the above presented elements and allow them to float around a limited space.

  • 07

    After taking a seat at the table, the visitor would choose one of the 12 matrices and place it over the table, as well as one postcard. After that, he would use the pantograph to duplicate the chosen obstacle, drawing it over the white connection shape, and thus creating a dialogue between them both.

    See below some scanners of the results:

  • 08

Printing: silkscreen Copies: 200

This project was a collaboration with our friends wetheknot