Ricardo Sousa

Architectural Works

  • y: 2017
  • c: Ricardo Sousa

Ricardo Sousa is a portuguese architect currently living and working in Oslo, Norway.
He commissioned us to develop two materials, one printed and one digital, containing both his main built and academic architectural works to date.

The different contexts of the two objects determined their behavior and structure. The printed one, as a shorter presentation of Ricardo's projects, works both as a teaser and/or a memory. The digital document aims for a deeper contextualization, offering the reader a broader set of materials, from photos, to drawings and texts.

  • 02

    The printed version was a 48x68cm two-sided folded poster.
    While displaying both drawings and photos, we attributed one color to each. This way we could play with the overlapping of these two elements inside each project and, at the same time, mix up and distinguish them.

  • 03

    Left: ferdigstilte prosjekter (built projects)
    Axonometric drawings were used to provide a more broaden comprehension of space.
    Right: studentprosjekter (academic projects)

  • 04

    The group of images belonging to each project is connected through the overlapping areas. This information cloud allows us to have a quick sense of Ricardo's body of work, while also allowing us to navigate more thoroughly, discovering all the detailed information.

  • 05

    The digital document works as an extension of the printed version, presenting the same projects in a more detailed way. The index presents all the available projects, with the built ones on the top row and the academic ones below.
    This document was designed to either be presented on an iPad or sent via email.

  • 06

    Enebolig i Cotas, project overview.
    Each project displays a more extensive set of images, drawings and text.

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Format: Open 48x68cm, Closed 24x34cm Printing: Offset printing, two spot colors (one metallic) Copies: 200

Ricardo Sousa, Arkitekt MNAL. 2017