Exd'13 Window

In Out

  • y: 2013
  • c: Exd'13

This project was part of the bienal Experimenta Design 2013, which took place in Lisbon.
When asked to intervene at a window box at the Lounging Space, we were expected to approach the bienal's theme, "No Borders", and produce it within a budget of €100.

  • 02

    Four other young portuguese designers/studios were invited to participate, each with his own window box.

  • 03

    Our work tries to graphically explore the changeable, ephemeral and relative relationship between the notions of inside and outside.

    A line is an element usually associated with the making/drawing of a border. Here, it does not assume that purpose of separating something. Instead, it focus on the construction and search for new areas and new graphic territories, through the constant redefinition of its positions and relationships on a plan.

  • 04

    Each piece was drawn and cutted by hand in black k-line. They were then placed on the window, in two different layers – squares on the front and circles on the back.
    We connected a motor on the bottom of the window and pasted a tiny sheave on the back of every circular piece. A string would then connected all of this, giving movement to these pieces, and creating simultaneous moiré effects.

Check this project at Exd’13 website.