Architects Association

Training Courses

  • y: 2013
  • c: OASRN

The training department of OASRN (Architects association, northern regional section) offers many courses during the year. They approached us to design an identity system that would ensure their print and online communication strategy.

The main challenge was to project a flexible system that would not be dependent upon the unpredictability of the amount of information to work with in each course, and that would easily be applied by them during the year, without loosing it's excitment.

  • 02

    The image of each course consists of 3 layers: textual information ( fixed and variable), pattern and background color.

    The background color identifies the course's area, out of four – 1.Yellow: Architecture and Urbanism, 2.Red: Security and Hygiene at Work, 3.Blue: Civil Engineering and Construction and 4.Green: Internships – and is only used for digital releases.

  • 03

    For each of the above listed areas, we also built a library of patterns for a rotational use. Each group of patterns act as a family and tries to give hints about the area it represents, without the need to be explicit.

  • 04

    After analyzing the past courses information, we divided it into two categories: fixed and changeable.
    The first one (white, in the picture above) was that kind of info we knew would always be present, and which size and position we could predict. The other information (gray) was very unpredictable, with the length of the information changing from course to course.

  • 05

    To achieve this, we designed an all caps typeface – Forma – that would also help us build a unique identity system. We were trying to work with the geometry and clean cuts of OASRN's logo and to develop them into bold and sharp shapes.

  • 06

    We tried to build the identity upon this changeable typographic behaviour and make it the central element. As such, with each new course, there is a new graphical and textual stain, that is different from the previous and the next one. The variable length of the textual information creates unique, strong and graphic boundaries.

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  • 08

    The images were published online in two formats, as there was a need to create a square version specifically for OASRN's already existent website.

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