Manoel de Oliveira

Grande Plano

  • y: 2015
  • c: CMP (Porto City Hall)

Manoel de Oliveira (1908–2015) was a portuguese film-maker and screenwriter, with a deep connection with the city of Porto, where he lived and worked. The first retrospective of Manoel de Oliveira's complete body of work happened there, during November and December of 2015, organised by the Porto City Hall, together with Serralves. During these two months his works were screened at several cinemas, with an overall of 38 sessions, presented by diferent speakers, who were somehow linked to Oliveira's work.
We were invited to develop the event's visual identity.

  • 02

    By discussing the event’s structure, we found that, instead of repeating a single image/poster around the city, it would be contagious to spread a family of posters, alluding to one movie each, thus reinforcing this idea of a complete and unprecedented retrospective.

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  • 05

    We defined a structure that divided the poster in two halves: the top one, for each movie frame, and the bottom one, for Oliveira’s portrait.
    At the same time, the first half would welcome the name “Manoel” and the second one, “Oliveira”, in bold typographic compositions that react to the image they overlay with, in the first case, and that remain still, on the second one.

  • 06

    20 different posters were printed, seeking a reencounter, on the same level, between the author and his work(s). The dialogue created between these two sides, inseparable, originates a set of dichotomies that take place in an identity where word and image are both protagonists, as much as they were in the film-maker’s work.

  • 07
  • 08

    A5 folded brochure, cover and back-cover

  • 09
  • 10

    On the inside, there was the complete program. We tried to create a timeline that would act as a visual summary or index of Oliveira's work.

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Format: 120x175cm Printing: Digital Printing Copies: 100 (20x5)

Typefaces: Grotzec and Tiempos Text