Maia Architecture Month — João Álvaro Rocha

  • y: 2018
  • c: Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs

The first edition of Maia Architecture Month (MAM) intended to expose and (re)visit the architecture of Maia’s city by exhibiting the work of the portuguese architect João Álvaro Rocha.
The development of the event's graphic identity came at the invitation of Andreia Garcia, responsible for the concept, curatorship and production.
As the inaugural edition, the communication and dissemination of the expression "MAM" was assumed as essential, a premise that led to the graphic exploration of its strong oral component.

  • AndAtelier_mam18_02

    With the use of the acronym (MAM), there was an exercise in writing – the synthesis of a symmetrical expression and the search for a composition with three different gestures/behaviours.

  • AndAtelier_mam18_03
  • AndAtelier_mam18_04

    The contrast between straight and curved lines creates points of balance and tension, exploring both the design, geometry and anatomy of the letter and the reading of the word itself.

  • AndAtelier_mam18_05
  • AndAtelier_mam18_06

    This singularity and tension of forms ends up overriding the name’s repetition in an accentuation of the oral and onomatopoeic character of the event’s name.

  • AndAtelier_mam18_07
  • AndAtelier_mam18_08

    Entrance walls. Texts & floor plan. © Pedro Huet

  • AndAtelier_mam18_09

    Flyer with the program – exhibition, conference and guided tours.

  • AndAtelier_mam18_10

    MAM'18 Publication – cover and first spread.

  • AndAtelier_mam18_11
  • AndAtelier_mam18_12

    The publication presented a condensed timeline of João Álvaro Rocha's life and work.

  • AndAtelier_mam18_13

    Totebag (silkscreen).

  • AndAtelier_mam18_14

    Opening night. Exhibition view. © Constança Babo

The event unfolded in three moments — exhibition, conference and guided tours — where the three graphic interpretations of the expression "MAM" also gained and built their meaning in the event and in the city of Maia.

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Fórum da Maia, Portugal / 9–31.03.2018