Momento zero:

Na eventualidade de outro

  • y: 2014
  • c: Hugo Oliveira, Pedro Huet

Poster made for an exhibition presenting the work of two young artists – Hugo Oliveira and Pedro Huet. On the second floor of a beautiful, empty, traditional family house of Porto, they built a close dialogue between the two and three dimensional work they have been developing. Being this the first of others exhibitions they intend to organize in this space, the exhibition was called: "Moment zero: in the event of another one".

  • 02

    We wanted to strongly emphasize this exhibition as a starting point and also a dynamic and loud one, so we decided the word "zero" would be the perfect synthesis of that.
    We were also very seduced by representing this number by its word and not by its sign, as we felt it made an important statement regarding the dialogue they were trying to establish here, not only between them and their work, but also between them and the city.

  • 03

    One of the common points we found both on their works and the architecture of the space was the idea of fragments and its constant questioning. So it was important to us, that not only we could illustrate the word "zero" in that way, but that each letter felt like a piece, with its own identity.

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Format: 48x68cm Printing: Silkscreen (white on black paper) Copies: 20

Shortlisted and exhibited at Golden Bee Biennial, Moscow, Russia