Habitar Portugal


  • y: 2015/17
  • c: Portuguese Architects Association

“Habitar Portugal 12-14” is a selection of 80 built works, designed between 2012 and 2014 by architects working in Portugal, organized by the Portuguese Architects Association (Ordem dos Arquitectos) and curated by Luis Tavares Pereira, Bruno Baldaia and Magda Seifert.

This is the fifth edition of Habitar Portugal, which has now covered the fifteen years of Portuguese architectural output since the year 2000.
It proposes touring the country on 14 itinerancies until 2017, seeking to examine, debate and report on the state and condition of Portuguese architecture in the present day – has architecture been bailed out? – while also taking into account the previous editions.

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    On each city, the exhibition focus on a group of works, giving the viewer a more complete perception of those works. The poster system follows that focus and gives each one of the 80 works their own poster inside HP1214's visual identity.

  • 04-1

    Poster from the Castelo Branco exhibition.

  • 04-2

    Poster from the Lisbon exhibition.

  • 05

    In Porto, the exhibition took place at Galeria Municipal do Porto. The entrance wall on the first floor, displaying every piece of Habitar Portugal's lettering, invited visitors to go up and find the exhibition space.

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  • 07

    The selected works were presented in scaffolds, as part of an exhibition system which was the winner of a public competition launched by the OA.
    Exhibition Photos: © João Morgado

  • 08

    The selected works from all five editions of Habitar Portugal are presented on a single map of each respective region. Above: Porto Metropolitan Area. Detail.

  • 09

    Porto's exhibition invitation.

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  • 14

    Each city had it's own folded leaflet, presenting the project and the present exhibition. HP's lettering is used to write the city's name on the cover. On the backcover the parallel events are presented.

  • 15

    Porto, Tomar and Viseu leaflets’ cover.

  • 16

    Porto’s leaflet unfolded (420x594mm), english. On the inside one could find a poster with all the selected works and every piece of Habitar Portugal's lettering, like the entrance wall.

  • 17

    With every new itinerance, there was a new newspaper ad at the portuguese newspaper Publico's supplement Ipsilon, presenting the exhibition and the parallel events.

  • 18

    In Lisbon, a series of 10 different postcards was designed, presenting each one of the works in focus at the exhibition.

  • 19

    Each parallel event had it's own square image with all the details, for social media communication.

Teaser Porto – Video: Miguel C. Tavares / Sound and Original Music: José Alberto Gomes

Format: Various Printing: Various

Itinerancies: Porto, Coimbra, Viseu, Tomar, Évora, Lisboa (2016) Castelo Branco (2017)