Gallery of Architecture '18


  • y: 2018
  • c: Gallery of Architecture

"The Gallery of Architecture proposes to expose Architecture as an exercise to think the discipline itself and its limits. From the intersection with other areas and including the approach to discipline by emerging practices, this is a space for exhibitions, thinking and debates, focused on the clash of ideas Art, Architecture, City and Territory."

In 2016, we were commissioned to design the gallery's visual identity and we have been developing it since then, alongside every exhibition. In 2018, the Gallery opened in a new space in a different part of town.

  • 02GA05_BuildDontTalk1
  • 02GA05_BuildDontTalk2
  • 02GA05_BuildDontTalk3

    Exhibition #05: Build, don't talk – Corpo Atelier

Each exhibition, an A3 risography serves both as a poster (on one side and when opened) and as a roomsheet (on the other side and when closed).

Format: Open: A3; Folded: A4 Printing: Risography, 1/1 color on Arcoprint Milk 100g Copies: 300/exhibition

Organization: Andreia Garcia and Diogo Aguiar
Photography: Tiago Casanova
Website: Sara Orsi