Festival of Chaumont

La Fabrique

  • y: 2012
  • c:

For the third year, the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont provided 10 “carte blanche” exhibition spaces of about 25 m², occupied by 10 groups or individual graphic designers.
We were gladly in charge of one of the spaces with a self initiated project called "Pour Chaumont".

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    Through the revival of travel posters and their seductive and magical way of visually depicting a place, this project was a result of our personal experience and discovery about Chaumont, in a different but forgotten format that can actually travel on its own - postcards.

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    We wanted to connect the dots between Chaumont as Ville de Chaumont and as Ville du Graphisme by designing a series of images/ illustration/ portraits/ associations/ illusions/ stories/ fictions that would bring inhabitants and designers closer and together in the same piece of paper, that hopefully would take the “lines of Chaumont” to many parts of the world.

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Format: 10x15cm Printing: Postcards: Offset printing, 2/1 colours, Trucard 1 matt Copies: 5400 copies (6x900)