2015 Calendar

Wall & Desk

  • y: 2014
  • c: Self initiated

Understanding the calendar as a system that displays and keeps track of time by default, we decided to explore the connections of this notion with the one of space, therefore creating a space-time, static and bi-dimensional material.
For this dialogue to take place, we felt they would need to have equal presence on the calendar. As such, we decided that each month, occupying only one page, would have half of the printed area for time display and half for space representations (illustration).

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We printed the calendars in two different ways in order to achieve two possible usages. One consists of six A3 pages, double-sided (1 month at front, 1 month at back) and then folded. This creates an A4 document, more portable and easy to use on a desk. The other one has 12 A3 pages (1 month per page), not folded and only printed on one side. It allows the calendar to be hanged on a wall.

Format: A3 Printing: Riso print Copies: 22 copies

6 A3 pages/double-sided/folded or 12 A3 pages/one-side
Riso print, 1 colour