Andreia Garcia

Architectural Affairs

  • y: 2016
  • c: Andreia Garcia

Andreia Garcia is a curator, writer, consultant and lecturer of architecture, design, urban scenography and theatre. She specialises in the dissemination of architecture and design through research, curatorial practice and editing projects. Her practice is built around an individual perspective and approach, while creating a multiplicity of connections and networks between ideas, creators and projects.

The identity we designed plays with the relationship between the author and its practice, and how one reacts to the other. It unfolds in the dialogue between different typographical behaviours, through a progressive dematerialisation, of both shapes and meanings.

  • 02

    With the identity’s development we learn how type both reacts to the space where it exists (it adapts to it, it connects with it) and acts, by building it’s own limits (it shapes and structures the space).

  • 03

    Printer's plan.

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    The cards are printed on a smooth Colorplan Smoke 350g by G.F. Smith.

  • 07

    Letterhead and quotes templates, prepared to be sent either digitally or printed.

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    Social media images.

Format: Cards: 85x50mm Printing: Offset Copies: 300